La città di Ruvo

Il nostro attuale uliveto è situato nella splendida città di Ruvo in Puglia.


We are renovating our villa in the town of Ruvo in order to offer a full service.

Anyone who has adopted one of our olive trees will enjoy a 30% discount on the rental of the villa.

What can you visit in Ruvo?

The Cathedral of Ruvo

The co-cathedral of Ruvo di Puglia, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, is one of the most important examples of Apulian Romanesque. It was built between the 12th and 13th centuries with various subsequent modifications.

The building stands as the mother and most important church of Ruvo and is the fulcrum of the historic centre. It is connected to the bishop's palace since it was the seat, until 1986, of the diocese of Ruvo.




Matera is famous for its ancient houses carved into the rock, called "Sassi" , which were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.

The Sassi of Matera are a complex of houses carved into the limestone rock, which date back to prehistoric times.

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Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is a thirteenth-century fortress built by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Frederick II in Puglia, in the current fraction of the municipality of Andria, 18 km from the city, near the town of Santa Maria del Monte, on the top of a hill, 540 meters above sea level

It was included in the list of Italian national monuments in 1936 (repealed in 2010) and in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1996.


Bari and Trani

Bari is the most populous Italian and European municipality overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The two most important historic buildings are the Church of San Nicola and the Swabian-Norman castle , one of the most important Romanesque-style monuments

Trani imposes itself with its breathtaking scenery, rich in history and harmonious architectural lines, both deriving from the influence of Frederick II of Swabia, who made Trani his maritime fortress.

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The trulli of Alberobello are typical houses made of limestone, white and with a characteristic conical roof. They represent an important example of dry stone slab construction, a technique that dates back to prehistoric times but is still used in Puglia today.

UNESCO heritage since 1996.


Polignano a mare

Considered one of the most beautiful villages not only in Puglia but in the whole of Italy, Polignano a Mare is a very charming town that attracts many visitors every summer for its beautiful beaches.

Fasano - zoo safari

The Zoosafari is one of the best wildlife parks in Europe, home to more than 1,700 specimens belonging to 200 different species.

Inside the park visitors can move by car or bus, for a suggestive safari among some of the most fascinating animals of the earth, such as tigers and lions.

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