An olive tree as a friend
Adopt an olive tree in Apulia..
Take care of it, help it grow, it will take care of you with its fruits.

The olive grove is located in the countryside of Ruvo di Puglia, province of Bari, it is located in the district of ruvo di puglia, from Coratina quality olive trees, the trees are grown in a totally organic way, all certified by specialist laboratory.

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Our oil

No pesticides are used, the pressing of the oil is done cold, which allows to obtain an excellent quality oil.

Receive our extra virgin olive oil with an additional cost for shipping.

  • We prune the olive trees

  • We plow the land

  • We use organic fertilizer

  • We water during the summer

  • We take care of the trees carefully

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How much oil?

The yield of each olive tree can depend on the season and the weather, on average a tree can produce from 20 to 50 kg of olives.

From 100 kg of olives, 15 to 18 liters are obtained.

Adoption details

  • Each tree is numbered, once adopted it's yours for 1 year, yours only!
  • Choose your tree from the catalogue.
  • Give it a name!
  • Participate in the harvesting and pressing of the olives, which will take place in November or December. Otherwise we will take care of the harvesting and pressing of the olives at our trusted oil mill.
  • The shipping of the oil is at the customer's expense if he is unable to come and collect it personally.
  • Receive the oil produced by your tree!
  • Serious damage to trees caused by unexpected atmospheric events are not our responsibility (e.g. snow, hail, extreme heat), however in this case you can request a 30% discount on adopting a new tree.


Trees grown through organic practices show a tendency to express a maximum annual yield in olive production, followed by a rest period during which the quantity produced decreases significantly.

Olive trees can absorb approximately 10-25 kilograms of CO2 per year. This value can vary greatly depending on the specific growing conditions and variety of olive tree.

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